Where are we now?

Where are we now?

This little widget in our phone will enable you to see where we are. 

Disclaimer: This gadget depends on the mobile connectivity and the Google Maps Lattitude function being enabled in our mobile phone. If you do not see the dot moving just send us an SMS and we will try to set it right. Hopefully there will be mobile coverage in all the areas we are going to and we hope you will be able to see us as we move.

Where have we been?

Below is the map of points we have already visited.

View TheBorderlineDrive in a larger map


Jay From Sabari Terrace said...

I read your My Travelogue and enjoyed

- Jay from Sabari Terrace

Anonymous said...

Hey there... its good to read about all that you guys are experiencing there. Some great pictures too ! cheers & good luck in your escapades ! : )
Ravi Alfred

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