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Saturday, August 27, 2011

We have been working away at our computers like mad, for what seems like eons, trying to put together the necessary stuff for The Borderline Drive (to refresh your memory on this, please read the loooong p.s note at the end :) )

We've finally got a few sponsors... we are still falling short of 2 lakhs... we know that at the end of 70 days, we would have spent all our savings :) But that is not a deterrent and we are leaving next week (Sep first week) and that's final! 


Like several marathons that happen all over the world, where the power of people generates funds for various causes, we are doing a driveathon for awareness on public stem cell banking. We are doing the ground work for India's first public stem cell bank at Jeevan, where Indians like you and me will be able to access stem cells. This is the most promising treatment in the near future for people we know with several terminal illnesses!

People have always expressed a desire to be a part of our road trips... and again in the p.s note below this mail, I have explained in detail how you can join us :)

If you are unable to make it in person, take time off or bring in sponsorship, but would still like to do something for this epic drive... you can still be a part. If you would like to contribute financially to the cause, click on the link below...

Please feel free to forward this mail to your friends... the 'someone, someone, someone part in the p.s note below' might work :)

So, do be a part of this mammoth drive of a lifetime - join us, or get us some sponsorship, some goodwill, or contribute, wish us luck, send some good energies our way to be safe and successful, as we need all of this as much of this as we can get :)

p.s (a refresher on what this is all about):

We are planning a driveathon - The Borderline Drive. We plan to drive all along the border roads of the entire country, starting from Mumbai and naturally ending in Mumbai. This trip will be taking us from Mumbai, along Gujarat coast, closest we can drive along Pak border, along Rajasthan, Punjab, Kashmir, the Himalayas, China and Tibet border, Himachal, Uttarkhand, along Nepal border, Sikkim, all around North East, Kolkata, down the East Coast via West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra, Tamilnadu, down to the Southern tip of Kanyakumari, up along the west coast Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra!

This will be our longest drive ever. As such a drive has never been attempted by anyone in the world, there will be publicity and press articles, as we go to various towns and cities.

We will be promoting the cause of Jeevan Blood Bank's first public stem cell bank in India, creating awareness on the importance of Stem Cells, as we drive. For more details,

We are also in touch a couple of ngos who are doing amazing development work in the border regions of India. We plan to interact with the youth and children who live a troubled life in these areas, talk to them, encourage and empower them for a better future.
The cost of the trip is around 11 lakhs, part of which has been sponsored by Mahindra & Mahindra, Bharat Petroleum, Michelin and Red Bull, who are helping us with cash or kind.

If you can think of someone or someone who knows someone or someone who knows someone who knows someone :) who might be able to help, any company who will benefit from the mileage they can get from the drive, in the form of publicity material (stickers on the car, mention in press, etc.), who can sponsor a part of the trip in cash or kind, do put us in touch with them. They can also use the opportunity for a pan-India survey for their product.

We are scheduled to leave next week, else we will not be able to cross from Leh, Ladakh into Himachal Pradesh, as these roads will close for the year.

You can virtually travel with us as we will be blogging and posting exciting adventure logs through social networking. Facebook & Twitter

People have always been envious of our road trips and many have expressed their desire to join us on one, not virtually, but really, physically... well, here is that opportunity for all our friends. We are aware that nobody can make it for the entire journey. So we are inviting folks to join us for a part - for example, you can hop in at Mumbai, travel with us along the Gujarat coast, the Rann of Kutch and hop off at say, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

But do remember we expect something in return for this memorable trip :) Folks travelling with us for any part can help us in some activity as we drive, either jotting down points for our blog, clicking some photos, or... there are a list of things!

So go ahead and do The Borderline Drive with us!


Jay From Sabari Terrace said...

Best of Luck Harsha

Hope you get lot of pictures

Unknown said...

is there any dangerous area did u met? im also planning a north indian tour through rajasthan, punjab and himachal.

pls reply me,

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