Another last-minute day

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another eventful last minute day - catching up 'shopping' for all the stuff that we remembered (during the 20 hour drive) we had not bought .

Sundaresh was helpful in driving us all around the water logged city as we hopped the puddles and completed the new 'list' with Shubha's expert guidance on which shops to go to.

Sadhana and Ragini visited us... to ensure they 'blocked' their slot during our drive. 

The evening was spent sticker-ing up Helieatus with the help of Shlok and Shrishti - looking awesome.

The celebrity visitor today was Sarang Gosavi of Aseem Foundation. Remarkable work being done by his team... we are going to meet all this people while we are in Kashmir and the North East. Looking forward to that.

Going to bed with goosebumps and butterflies... tomorrow is the d-day!


Deguide said...

All the best to you for your borderline trip Harsha Koda. I hope you will keep us updated on your trip with photos and travelogue whenever you get time. Good Luck guys

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