Your car is ready saar!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We left early this morning to drop off Yoda at Shekas. The drive to the shelter was bumpy because of the road all messed up in the rain and Yoda was finally happy to reach Kalpakkam 

This has been his shelter on everyone of our long trips and he likes it there... he likes it so much because of the personal care and love that Senthil and Kalavathi shower on all the dogs there... their own and those that have come to stay there. It is almost like a resort for dogs. 

I call it a resort because he gets more attention there than he gets at home. Read more here on Travelling without our dog!

The words "Your car is ready saar" were music to our years. They were also quite intimidating... now we had to LEAVE... there was nothing holding us back. These words were from Ganesh at India Garage - the Mahindra service center that taking care of the vehicle preperation.

We had given them a 20 point list of things to check thanks to our chat with our good friend and fellow rally-ist Vivek. But they had another 100 things that they wanted to check and from the pep talk that I overheard Ganesh give the team 3 days ago they were almost as excited about his as we were!

The have fixed and focused the new ancillary lights... changed all the fluids - most of them thanks to BPCL's MAK lubes and tightened every nut & bolt, smoothened every rough edge and made sure there were no 'loose' ends!

When we went to pick up Halieatus today we went just in time to get some prasaadam from the Vinayaka Chaturti prayers. The whole team was there and we decided that we need to acknowledge the excellent work they have done on the car. It feels like new... the clutch is so smooth... I can hardly feel it!

In this picture with Prabha and Harsha are - Senthil, Ganesan, Magesh, Moses, Murali, Dharma and Prasanth the team at India Garage Velachery.

So all that stands between us an the road is a lot of "last minute" packing and... and.... nothing!


Sowmini said...

Great! Have a pleasant and safe ride... Good luck..

Deepa said...

Will be reading all your updates. Excited for you, Prabhs. Have fun.

vivek said...

all the best...hav a safe ride....keep rocking...
india garage

Unknown said...

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